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National Biosafety Laboratory Hungary

GA no.: 824061

ERINHA-Advance project contributes to the long-term sustainability of the ERINHA Research Infrastructure (RI), through enlargement of its membership and partnership and strengthening the overall services offer and framework by fostering the innovation potential of the RI.

To reach these goals, the RI will focus on the following specific objectives:

  1. Enlarge ERINHA’s membership and research capacities (WP2);
  2. Improve users services (WP3);
  3. Stimulate the innovation potential of ERINHA and identify the co-innovation opportunities with industry (WP4);
  4. Strengthen the overall services framework through long-term data management and data sharing rules, clarification of IPR regimes and definition and implementation of the quality assurance system of the RI and its national nodes (WP5);
  5. Reinforce ERINHA’s capacities through training activities and communicate broadly on ERINHA’s services (WP6).

National Biosafety Laboratory is WP2 deputy leader (Expanding ERINHA membership and international cooperation) and deputy WP6 leader (Capacity building and dissemination).

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